Bruce Angeli

I began my tennis career in college where as a scholar-athlete I successfully balanced both my studies and passion for the game.  Many hours were spent on the hard courts of the Esplanade on Storrow Drive in Boston and many more on the forgiving clay behind HBS in Cambridge.

Upon graduation I was able to share my enthsiasm of this game with my high schools students where I worked as a long-term substitute teacher (physical education) before having to fulfill my obligation to the USAF.

While in the service and living in England for four years I began both my graduate school studies and sporadically teaching and playing tennis on the hard courts of RAF Lakenheath and the grass courts of Newmarket Lawn Tennis Club.  I had the pleasure of being in the stands of Wimbledon Center Court to witness Virgina Wade win her Ladies Singles title during the Queen's Jubilee year.

Upon my return stateside tennis continued to figure prominently in my life as I established myself professionally in the broadcast media business (see my LinkedIn profile).  This professional engagement is significant to my tennis principally because of the communication skill set required.  I have found that it translates well in an on-court teaching environment. 

My competitive tennis history includes inter and intra club tournament play as well as USTA and early participation in the Connecticut Tennis Challenge  As a 40+ challenge ladder player I was a finalist in the Fairfield County division in 2000.

My on-court time is now principally spent at several mid-Fairfiled County tennis clubs where I can be found playing and teaching tennis part-time as a member of a very talented instructional staff. 

Of particular interest to me and many of my students is to apply the fun and commitment required to advance one's tennis game to other areas of life.